WSWL100F Image

Attach a Folded Sweep to your sorbent boom to catch any oily sheen that lingers behind.

Folded Sweep floats on water to absorb oily spills and even surface sheen. Sturdy nylon strap securely attaches durable Oil-Only MultiLaminate Mat to your sorbent boom for a complete waterborne cleanup. Heavy oils adhere, while water is repelled, so Sweep won't become weighed down and capacity won't be wasted. This means you can leave it in place longer for maximum effectiveness. White color designates Oil-Only sorbency and makes it easy to identify when Sweep is saturated.

Dimensions - 100' L x 19" W
Sold as - 1 per package
Color - White
Composition - Polypropylene
Absorbency - Up to 16.2 gal. per package
Weight - 11.5 lbs.
# per Pallet - 36
Incinerable - Yes

Your Price:$92.40
Weight:11.50 lbs